Thirroul Plaza D.A. update - 9 November 2021

The Land and Environment Court “Conciliation Conference” was held on Monday 1st November virtually, via Teams.  The proceedings started when seven community members were given 5 minutes each to address the court

  • Dr Ellicott spoke on the adverse impacts of the development on the “King Street Medical Precinct” and the disruptive effects of the demolition and construction.
  • Martin Gorrick for the TVC focussed upon impacts on escarpment views/heritage values/unsuitable scale and bulk of proposed buildings.
  • David Hoade from the IGA and Rory from the bottle shop pointed out the adverse impacts of the DA on a thriving small business/retail sector via the removal of on street parking and the funnelling of shoppers into the underground carpark.
  • Mr Prince (for Beaches and Anita’s) pointed out that Thirroul also has a night-time economy – and that 80 new apartment owners will seek to shut down the the live music clients he represented because of noise. He also pointed out that Beaches needs to access its cellar door from King Street.
  • Louise and Stephen from “Save Thirroul Village” were a great pair: Louise calm and professional; Stephen impassioned. They focussed on the depth and strength  of opposition to the DA; as well as existing and insoluble traffic issues which will only be exacerbated by the developers proposals for traffic management.
  • All speakers commented on the developers absence of consultation with community; and upon the unique characteristics which make Thirroul Village worth fighting for.

The speakers then left the conference so that the confidential negotiation could proceed. There were about a dozen people logged in from the WCC; and about the same number again for the developer – apparently, mostly its paid experts.

 The Conciliation conference was eventually adjourned until Wednesday 24th of November

 Murray Jones
Thirroul Village Committee

Previous views of the proposed development


View: From Raymond Road intersection

Plaza 10

View: From McCauley Street, looking southwest.


View: From King Street


View: Looking up King Street

thirroul plaza 5

View: Interior of First Floor, looking southwest, Now proposed as "public access" during daylight hours


  • Below are the earlier (2nd generation) detailed PDF files, including those which have not been revised from the original.

Updated Floor Plans

Updated Elevation Views

Updated Economic Impact

Updated Noise Study

Environmental Effects

Updated Flood Study

Visual Impact

Updated Heritage Impact

Site Contamination Report

Updated Traffic

Below are copies of the minutes of the meetings that the developers held with Wollongong City Council.  This is normal process for a large development.



The following link relates to recent (June 2020) correspondence between Wollongong Council and Transport for NSW and the Council and the Plaza developers relating to requests for further information and potential alterations to the plans submitted by the developers:

Request from Council for additional Information June 2020.pdf 

Please see the minutes section of this website for the results of discussions on the Plaza.


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