TVC Graffiti Free Thirroul

Minutes and Actions Saturday 2nd February 2019 at Jose Jones Thirroul
John DAJJA POZZA, Lucy, Lynne Parker, Tony Horneman

Barbara Mebberson, Murray Jones, Linda Cortie, Heath Rhind, Peter Spencer
To report and control illegal graffiti vandalism in the Thirroul area. Aim for ‘Graffiti Free Thirroul’.

1. Discussed recent graffiti attacks in the area, including a major attack (20Dec18) on a parked train (overnight) at Thirroul Station and huge graffiti mural on the Thirroul station toilets (east side) caused by the same vandals, on the same night, see attached pic.  The train was made unserviceable.  The council removed the graffiti on the toilet block.

2. Meeting discussed the wonderful Commissioned Street Art in Wollongong CBD and along Memorial Drive.

3. Graffiti Free Thirroul ‘Scope Document’ Revision 2, updated. See attached

4. ‘Expired’ advertising signs have been left on power line poles in the area. 2018 Eat Street ads, etc.  We need to take a photo and report it to Endeavour Energy or WCC to arrange removal.

5. Tony reported some success with removing felt tipped marker pen graffiti with Mineral Turps (wearing turps resistant gloves).  May also be effective on spray paint tags on asphalt and concrete with a wire brush (always do this safely).
26 May 2018 (1st), 30th Jun 2018 (2nd), 29 Sep 2018 (3rd)
Wollongong City Council (02) 4227 7111
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Smartphone: ‘Report It’ app.
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Saturday 18th May 10am Jose Jones Thirroul
Thank you for attending.
Tony Horneman
0411 213 715




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