TVC Graffiti Free Thirroul - Minutes and Actions

Saturday 17th August 2019 10am Jose Jones Thirroul


'John DALLA POZZA' & Tony Horneman

CC for info:

Lucy, Lynne Parker, Ray Smith, Peter Spencer, Murray Jones, Barbara Mebberson, Linda Cortie, Heath Rhind, Paul Tuckerman, John Mebberson, Catherine Philps, Lila Dimoski


To report and control illegal graffiti vandalism in the Thirroul area. Aim for ‘Graffiti Free Thirroul’.


  1. Letters received from Gareth Ward MP, Member for Kiama (31Jul19) and Natalie Ward MLC, Secretary to NSW Attorney General (26Jul19), regarding graffiti crime.  Refer attached.
  2. Discussed the ‘idea’ of using CCTV (high-tech, hi-definition, motion sensing, infrared, battery powered) at graffiti ‘hot-spots’ to record graffiti vandals in action, and submit a report to police for follow-up.  If anyone has contacts in this field who may be able to advise further, let us know?  Interested in Heath Rhind’s thoughts on this?
  3. Discussed writing to Illawarra Mercury and ABC Illawarra to see if they can run a special feature on graffiti crime, penalties and criminal record that follows.  Some young people may not be aware that graffiti is a criminal offence.  ACTION: Tony H
  4. Offensive graffiti (Kill Men) in laneway beside Cucina Café, LHD, Thirroul.  Lucy spoke to owners of café but nothing has happened.  Tony H has reported the graffiti to council, asking them to approach the owner about removing the graffiti.
  5. Ask council about Graffiti Removal Kits?  These may help us remove graffiti more quickly. ACTION: Tony H


Lynne reports:

  1. .. that a letter was placed in the letterboxes at the units in Redman Rd/King St . It included the TVC email address for communication regarding the graffiti removal on their garage wall. If there was going to be any response from anyone then Murray may hear something.  See attached correspondence.
  2. Ryan Park has been a strong supporter for our cause regarding the graffiti on the railway overpass wall (Station Street Thirroul). See attached correspondence.  Disappointing response, because council are unwilling to do anything.


26th May 2018 (1st), 30th June18 (2), 29th Sep 2018 (3), 2nd Feb 2019 (4), 18th May2019 (5), 17th Aug2019 (6)


Wollongong City Council (02) 4227 7111, 

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Council’s website

Smartphone ‘Report It’ app.

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Sat 16thNovember 2019 at Jose Jones Thirroul


Tony Horneman

0411 213 715








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