Most gardens around Thirroul Village shopping areas / carparks including Thomas Gibson Park Station Street, Thirroul Public School, W F Jackson Park, Sea Foam Avenue, Thirroul Post Office & the Children's Playground at Thirroul Beach Reserve are looked after by locals, volunteers, proud community members giving up there own free time to keep Thirroul beautiful. The photos above show there work before & after!
Update on recent projects: 
The garden borders around the carpark in Railway Parade opposite the Community Centre have been one of the biggest projects and we call the place Granny's Garden (or Grannie's Garden if we remember her Scottish background!)
Hence the traffic-control box decorated with her story; she used to live there, surrounded by her lovely gardens of wistaria and jacarandas and she more or less single-handedly collected the funds for the Thirroul War Memorial.
More information:
At the lower end of WF Jackson Park is a memorial stone placed there by the Thirroul Gardening Club decades ago. Those volunteer gardeners of the town, 

and others who planted all the Illawarra Flame Trees are now mostly gone, but still there are still residents who care about Thirroul’s public gardens and want to make a difference. 

In the few years since the demolition of the old Library and Senior Citizens Centre, and re-making of WF Jackson Park, a concerted effort has been made by several people and the results are now being appreciated by passers-by.  It all helps to make Thirroul a real community of people who live here.

WF Jackson Park  Consultations with Council staff resulted in trees being planted in and around the perimeter of the park, along with home-grown bottlebrush native shrubs provided by volunteers. Volunteers continue to attend to gardens they have made with trees, shrubs and hardy flowering plants. (They were very pleased when Council installed a water tap!)

Carpark surrounds, Railway Parade  (Granny’s Garden) Starting two years ago, volunteers cleared the weeds and dead plants, renewing with fresh soil and mulch, new plants and young trees. Most have been home-grown, but some local businesses have contributed cash for plant purchases, and the Thirroul Village Committee funded purchases such as the watering equipment.

Decorating the traffic-controls box  One of our volunteers painted an impression of how the corner might have looked when Granny Riach’s famous garden of jacarandas and flowers stood there nearly one hundred years ago.

Station Street - Thomas Gibson Park  One volunteer has established a street garden there for many years, and since the new parking spaces were made beside Gibson Park, another person has established hardy gardens there too.

Thirroul Public School - Phillip St Another volunteer has done amazing work around the primary school – inside and out – with the steep, west-facing slopes of Phillip Street now crowded with colourful plantings. 

Sea Foam Avenue road side gardens and nature stripes are also maintained by residents that live along that street.

Children’s Playground Park by the Beach is regularly tidied by another volunteer.

Thirroul Post Office has two little gardens outside the front that also maintain by another volunteer.

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