SUNDAY 23 APRIL 2023 AT 4.00PM

PRESENT: Ray Smith, Elliot Stein, Murray Jones, Annette Jones, John Mebberson, Paul Tuckerman, Maryanne Stuart, Ken Clunas, Ross Dearden, Tony Horneman, Susannah Cavill, Richard Martin, Linda Cortie, Lynne Parker, Catherine Philips, Kaye Smith, Mary Durrance, Glenn Durrance, Vicki Potter, Cherry Hardaker, Judy Bourke, Janice Lum.
APOLOGIES: Cameron Walters, Neil Walker, John Penhallow, Angela Penhallow, Stephen Young, Christine Hill.

Meeting opened at 4.05 pm.
1. Welcome by TVC President, Ray Smith.

2. Minutes of last meeting on 26th February 2023 were accepted. Moved – Mary Durrance; Seconded – Tony Horneman.

3. Secretary’s report:

Ray and Annette organised a mailbox letter drop of neighbours near the McCauley Lodge site in Tasman Parade. This resulted in 30 neighbours gathering to discuss the DA and ways to organise their responses. This matter will probably go before the Wollongong Local Planning Panel as Council will receive more than 6 submissions on the matter. The TVC has applied for a free stall at the Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival which is to be held on 4th June. The TVC received an email from a gentleman with a serious health issue suggesting that a toilet be constructed around McCauley Beach as there are none between Thirroul Beach and Sandon Point. This presents limitations for people with medical issues where walking is part of the recovery. This is not an issue between Thirroul and Coledale. Murray is preparing a letter to Council on this issue. Since the last TVC Meeting in February 370 emails have been received – around 6 per day. Murray confirmed his earlier announcement that he will be retiring from the role of Secretary after 20 years. This will be effective as of the AGM on 16th July. Calls for interest in the role were made. Murray said he would continue to assist the TVC and the new Secretary as required.

4. Treasurer’s report

As at 31 March: Bank Account $2545.98 Cash in hand $ 11.70 Total funds $2557.68
Debits since last meeting: $49.98 for maintenance of two domain names (thirroulvillage.com and thirroulvillage.com.au).

5. Graffiti report

Graffiti attacks continue in all the usual places around Thirroul and Thomas Gibson Park. Spray paint graffiti has reduced but marker pen graffiti has increased. If residents see graffiti, please report it to council or Police. Alternatively, residents can remove the graffiti with Diggers Green Power Graffiti Remover spray (or similar) available from hardware stores (pic below). Follow the directions on the bottle. You simply spray it on, wait a few minutes and it runs off, ready to be wiped off. No damage to the underlying paint work.

6. Garden report

No formal report provided as Christine is away. Paul stated that he has been doing some gardening up the ramp on Station Street leading to Lawrence Hargrave Drive (on the eastern side of the railway line). He had been nurturing a number of plants which unfortunately have disappeared. Kaye observed that the repair and maintenance work done at the children’s playground near Thirroul Pool did not include the gardens so the area looks rather tatty. We will include this in the TVC response to the Draft Infrastructure Delivery Program 2023-2027.

7. DA report

Only 2 DAs currently on exhibition and both appear compliant. 2 old DAs: McCauley Lodge – nothing as yet from Council on this proposal. May have to wait a while for this. Lot 101 Amy Street, which includes Panmills Drive, in McCauley Estate. The Land and Environment Court has handed down its decision which is:
1. The appeal is upheld and the development will go ahead.
2. Development Application No. DA/1324/2021 …. being for the proposed demolition of part of the elevated boardwalk section of Wilkies Walk and reconstruction of part of the boardwalk,
and a 3-lot subdivision of land known as 1 Amy Street Thirroul NSW 2515 … is determined by grant of consent, subject to conditions.
An alternative detour route will be communicated to the public during the relocation phase of Wilkies Walk. DA approval also means that access to McCauley’s Beach and Sandon Point will have to be via Amy St and Woodland Ave.
The principal of High Dune Pty Ltd emailed the TVC with the suggestion of a specialised cycling ramp which allows cyclists to push their bikes as they climb and descend the steps that go from Amy St to Woodland Ave. The developer stated that he would be open to meeting Council’s costs in the design and installation such a facility and asked if the TVC would be interested in speaking to Council about such an improvement. Murray suggested that the Executive committee meet and prepare a response. It was suggested that the TVC write separately to Council asking for the bicycle wheeling ramp.
ACTION: TVC Executive discuss response including possibly writing to Council requesting a bicycle wheeling ramp alongside the stairs between Amy Street and Woodland Ave.

8. Update on the Plaza

In his role of Secretary of the TVC Murray contacted Mark Forte to discuss what was happening with the plaza. He was concerned that there had been no news regarding the planning for the plaza since the LEC refusal over 6 months ago and he did not want the community to be ignored as in the last planning process iteration. Murray asked to meet with Mark to put forward 7 issues of concern for the Plaza development.
Mark appeared keen for discussions however the major shareholder was currently overseas and would return in around 2 weeks’ time. Mark also suggested that all Directors would need to be present.
A company search by Stephen La Bas revealed the owners of THIRROUL PLAZA PTY. LTD. as:
Murray met with the Save Thirroul Village group on 24th March to update them on his contact with Mark Forte. Some members had reservations about the value of such a meeting as the Forte’s may take any meeting as community consultation.
Murray explained that there were at least 7 issues relating to the development in the centre of Thirroul that could be taken into account at the conceptual planning stage.
The seven issues are:
1. Jackson Park has functional limitations and some of the land could better serve Thirroul.
2. King St and McCauley Street are offset intersections causing long term traffic issues.
3. Parking will be insufficient once the Plaza Carpark is built upon.
4. Beaches Hotel intrusion into the Plaza site limits both.
5. Long term use of Anitas and Beaches as music venues does not fit with current Plaza plans.
6. Stormwater from the Plaza site contributes to the occasional flooding of Bath St Residents.
7. Concerns about building so close to the railway line given underlying clay and springs.
Murray believes that there is an opportunity for a land redistribution which could deliver a better result for all. The meeting discussed this issue at length noting that State Government should have a stake in such a large proposal, especially as it affects so many business owners. It was noted that such a proposal would need all parties to be in agreeance and it may take many years to eventuate. It was agreed that consultation between the community and developers is a good starting point. A suggestion was made that Council could facilitate such a forum. Councillor Richard Martin will discuss this probability with Council staff member, Linda and get back to the TVC.
ACTION: Murray to recontact Mark Forte. Councillor Martin to get back to the TVC about a possible public meeting.

9. Preparation for Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival

The annual Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival is to be held on Sunday June 4. This is our opportunity to promote the TVC to the local community.
The TVC will have members working on the stall all day.
There will be 3 shifts of 2 hours, being 9-11, 11 -1 and 1-3. A setup and dismount crew will work from 7-9 and 3 till end.
If anyone wants to help on the stall please let Murray, Ray or Annette know.
ACTION: Let Murray, Ray or Annette know if you can assist at the TVC stall.

10. TVC response to WCC Draft Infrastructure Delivery Program

Reported that the TVC will write to Council about the Draft Infrastructure Delivery Program for 2023-2027. This list identifies projects across the LGA. The TVC will concentrate on the projects listed for Thirroul and will also add projects not yet identified by Council where action is required.
Some such projects identified by members at the meeting include:
Repair to the north eastern corner entrance to Thomas Gibson Park, where there is a dip which is full of water. This needs to be drained and remediation work conducted.
Refurbishment of the Thomas Gibson Grandstand needs to include repair to the capping at the north western entrance to the park and the capping along the block fence supports which run alongside the commuter carpark.
Upgrade of the car park next to Memorial Park. It appears this is mainly State Rail land (confirmed by Council Officials) and was mentioned in the TfNSW Traffic Plan.
Relocation of the Amy monument.
Garden maintenance in the children’s playground near Thirroul Pool.
New toilet near McCauley Beach.
New picnic pavilion on the southern side of Thirroul Beach, plus trees.
More seats and more comfortable seats along the beach promenade – wood, rather than hot metal
More lighting on the promenade.
Investigation into the uncovering the old promenade along the northern side of Thirroul Beach to Flannegan’s Creek. This was built in 1940 and deliberately covered by Council around 1970.
Road maintenance on Church St near the Railway Barracks. The road has contorted due to constant heavy traffic, such as railway trucks, dump trucks and concrete mixers leading to small vehicles bottoming out.
ACTION: Annette to prepare a draft letter to Council about the Draft Infrastructure Delivery Program for 2023-2027, including possible projects as listed. Annette to check on the progress of the Amy monument.

11. Congratulations to Maryanne Stuart, member for Heathcote

Congratulations were extended to Maryanne Stuart, the new member for Heathcote who attended the meeting. Appreciation was also extended as few local members have ever attended a TVC meeting over the years. Maryanne said she is looking for a satellite office, maybe at the Bulli Community Centre. Members were pleased to hear that. Maryanne said she would raise the issue of the car park near Memorial Park with the Transport Minister.

12. General Business

Ross Dearden, John Croker and Annette were involved in a TEAMS meeting with Council about the Draft Infrastructure Delivery Program for 2023-2027. Shortcomings in the on-line format were noted and discussed. The interactive map did not allow one to drill down and find out more about any project, as no description nor costing were provided. In some cases, costings would be difficult due to the lengthy timeframe and constant increase in costs over time. However, a ball park figure would be useful.
Ross stated that a master plan for Thirroul would be a good idea with State Government input, noting that such plans have been successful in other parts of the State – e.g., Greenwood Centre at North Sydney. He also noted that it is good to have an active local State Member of Parliament in Government.
The next NIRAG meeting is on Wednesday 3rd May at 7pm in the Bulli Community Centre.

Meeting closed at 5.20pm.
Next TVC meeting 16th July – AGM.

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