Minutes of TVC executive meeting Wednesday 8 July.

Attendees:Paul Tuckerman, Murray Jones, John Mebberson, Annette Jones

The meeting was called to discuss action on Thirroul Plaza and the TVC generally.

Attendance at Facebook group meetings: 

Agreed that a TVC member should attend the Facebook group meetings when they are held as we need to work together on the DA. Person who attends should report back to the TVC. Unsure if meetings are held weekly or not. Will alternate attendees. Annette will attend the meeting on Thursday 9 July at 6.30pm. Murray said he would be on the list of attendees. If anyone interested in attending please let Murray or Annette know.

Need to get copies of recent letters to which Louise referred in the radio interview - letter from Transport for NSW raising concerns about the development and the letter from Council to the developers where a number of concerns have been raised and suggesting a redesign is needed. Will ask her for copies tomorrow evening.

John had read Chapter D12 of the DCP and highlighted a number of conditions outlined in the Chapter that the developer has not complied with. These include the width of the awnings - where possible have a minimum depth of 3 metres; flat rooves should not occupy more than 50% of the total roof area and where proposed the design must incorporate parapets or rooftop features; use windows with vertical proportions and avoid horizontal emphasis. It does not appear that these objectives have been met by the development in its current form. This observation will be relayed to the Facebook group.

A local resident contacted me yesterday to say that they would be making banners to replace those that were taken down. They are also looking at placing them away from Thirroul in an attempt to keep them up longer than a day.

New Webmaster and email distributor:

Unfortunately Peter Spencer has decided to step down from his role as the Webmaster and distributor of emails. It was agreed by all present that Peter had done a magnificent job with the web site and email distribution. His dedication to these and the graffiti clean up has been outstanding. Peter's presence will be truly missed. 

John is happy to take over the website management as he already does that for a couple of other organisations and companies. He said that he uses the system Peter has used to build the TVC web site, Joomla so is familiar with it. John will talk directly to Peter about this. Paul said he too would contact Peter. Murray is familiar with mailchimp and agreed to take on the email distribution duties. If anyone wants to take up the social media side for the TVC please contact Murray.

Petition wording:

It was agreed that the wording is important and this will be discussed separately with Ray on Friday. Concern with the online petition system as you cannot limit the signatories to a particular geographical location. This needs to be investigated further. 

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