Minutes of the general meeting Sunday 26th of November 2017

PRESENT:  Between 80 to 100 attendees - too many to list

APOLOGIES: Annette Jones, Syllvia Wishart, Murray Jones, Yvonne Whitesmith, Judy Bourke, Linda Cortie, Lynne Parker, Catherine Philps, Steve Dillon

 The General Meeting commenced at 4.00 pm. 

Welcome from the President.

Clipboard with attendance list circulated.

Apologies as listed on the attendance list were accepted.

The minutes of the previous meeting on the 6th of August as distributed by email was accepted as read.

Secretaries Report was read by the Acting Secretary as follows.

1) Community Gardening and Illawarra Retirement Trust 

Ida Lewis of the Illawarra Retirement Trust did not proceed with the meetings organised to discuss residents from the IRT participating in community gardening in Thirroul.  Ida stated in her email:

Sorry but we have to cancel today and unless I get a full bus load (6 residents) I will not be able to proceed with this.  Can you please leave this with me and I will be in contact with you if we are to proceed.-  Ida Lewis - Team Leader -  IRT.

2) Response from Council regarding Street lighting problem

The Church Street power pole  20 metres north of Roxborough Avenue circled in green now has a light fixture installed.  This has made a significant improvement to pedestrian access to the commuter car park.  

Council also stated that the issues with the lighting of the car park across from Beanstalk is currently under investigation.

street light church st

3) Telstra's mess 

There was no response from Telstra regarding Condition of their facilites next to St Michaels School.

4) Poor condition of the Children’s Park at Thirroul Pool

There was no response from Council regarding the condition of the Children's Park near Thirroul Pool. - See further comment below.

5) Future of the Plaza 

Jeffrey Hunt, the duty Planning Officer from WCC rang in response to the inquiry sent to WCC regarding pending plans (if any) for the Thirroul Plaza Shopping Centre.  

He stated that the Development Application dated 2004 was the last major development application approved for that site.  That DA could be still active if there is evidence that some development has commenced.  This could be fencing or demolition on the site. 

Murray heard from a significant local land owner that the Plaza site has recently changed hands and the new owner is well respected for his past commercial developments.  

6) New pedestrian facilities on LHD

Erin O'Dwyer is campaigning to improve pedestrian crossing facilities along LHD.  These are envisaged to be in the form of pedestrian islands similar to those in front of the IGA.

7)   2018 Calendar

The 2018 meeting dates are below.  

18 February

15 April

8 July 

16 September 

11 November

Comments in regards to Secretaries Report: 

Thirroul Playground: Barbara Mebberson has organised a meeting with the Manager of the local Council Depot, Mr Billy Clancy two weeks hence.

Treasurers Report:  

No changes to the bank balance of $3860.36 - Moving forward with online banking to remove need for cheques.

General Business

Councillor Jenelle Rimmer was introduced.  At the last Council Meeting Councillor Rimmer moved to ask Council investigate the possibility of connecting Phillip St to Foothills Rd and for Council staff to investigate how to improve traffic flow between Bulli and Thirroul.  The Councillor spoke briefly then through a process of question and answer and open debate the following issues were discussed.

  • Possible opening of fire trails between Foothills Rd and  Phillip St was unpopular amongst those residents who would be affected.
  • Parking Congestion in Thirroul due to increase in commuter numbers
  • Need to slow traffic down - Speed control /  Ripple Strips /  Signage were suggested.
  • Better foot paths / More Pedestrian Islands along LHD.
  • Memorial Drive extension to link up with Bulli Pass would reduce problems.  The question asked was when will this happen?
  • Improvements to public transport. There is an issue with 2013 train timetable changes, especially the removal of stops at Bulli and Austinmer leading to commuters parking all day in Thirroul.
  • The increase in local population with no associated improvements in infrastructure  forward planning.
  • Maybe a Free Bus - going to destination spots throughout the north.
  • Bulli Tops track should be opened (linking George St to the Pass).
  • RMS Speed & Traffic monitoring on Phillip St.  Are the results from a recent survey available to the public?
  • New estates opening at Menagle & Appin place a significant population growth directly west of Thirroul that will increase pressure from visitors.
  • Need for another entry point for Thirroul.  At the moment a simple car accident anywhere between Bulli and Thirroul can stop all traffic flow.
  • Various suggestions in regards to roads connecting in and around Thirroul were put forward. 

The following three sketch maps were handed to the Acting Secretary.

traffic ideas 1

Figure 1Possible changes to Thirroul's Overhead Bridge

traffic ideas 2

Figure 2 As per point 5. Connecting Bulli Pass to George St Thirroul

traffic idaes 3

Figure 3 Modifications to provide second means of egress


President thanked Councillor Jenelle Rimmer for her attendance and everyone for coming.  President spoke about the Thirroul Village Committee and encouraged more people to attend.

Meeting closed at 5.15pm.

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