Minutes of the general meeting Sunday 17th of September 2017

PRESENT:  Steve Dillon, Judy Bourke, John Mebberson, Paul Tuckerman, Murray Jones, Peter Spencer, Christine Hill, Catherine Philps, Ray Smith,  Warwick Erwin

APOLOGIES: Annette Jones, Lynne Parker, Philip Laird, Susannah Cavill, Kay Smith, Barbara Mebberson

 The General Meeting commenced at 4.20 pm.  The minutes of the previous meeting on the 6th of August were accepted as read.

Secretaries Report

The "Meet the Candidates" public meeting as discussed and authorised by the last meeting was cancelled when Staff at Wollongong City Council refused the booking of our co-producers, Neighbourhood Forum Three. They were told that they were not allowed to use Council owned facilities for political purposes. 

This was immediately disputed with Council Management.  Paying full commercial rates was considered but deemed too expensive.   Permission was eventually given for the event two weeks later on the day before the event date.  This meant we could not proceed.

Treasurers Report

The Treasurer reported on a balance of $3860.36 in the Commonwealth Bank.

General Business

It was agreed that each Councillor should be invited individually to attend a meeting of the TVC  If the Councillors agree to attend then attention to the meeting could be drawn via the local online Northern Illawarra News and the home delivered 2515 newsletter.

The need for a better way of disbursing funds from the TVC Bank Account was formally proposed.   The main problem is that cheques needs to be drawn for each amount, however small.  It was decided to adopt a method of on-line transfers where money can be transferred electronically from one account to another.  As per the procedural requirement of the Commonwealth Bank, the following motion was agreed:

The Committee resolves to set up the Committee bank account to enable internet direct deposits and transfers. This will require the present two signatory cheque system to convert to internet access for the Treasurer, with access privileges retained by two other committee members for the purpose of backup and oversight. 

An email from Ida Lewis of the Illawarra retirement trust asking about the possibility of residents of the Illawarra Retirement Trust participating in community gardening in Thirroul was discussed.  It was decided that Murray should arrange a meeting with Ida to discuss the possibilites.  Dependent upon the results of that meeting further discussions may need to take place with Wollongong City Council.

The meeting discusssed difficulites caused by parking in the one way section of Station Street and requested that a letter(see appendix 1 below) be sent to Mike Dowd of the Traffic Committee after proof reading by Warwick Erwin.

The next meeting is scheduled for 26 November.

The meeting closed at 5.20pm


Appendix 1

November 7  2017

Mike Dowd,

Wollongong Traffic Committeee

Wollongong City Council

Locked Bag 8821

Wollongong 2500

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Thirroul Village Committee.  At our most recent meeting a new traffic problem was bought to our attention.  This problem has developed from the increased patronage of Thirroul Railway Station after the 2013 timetable changes.

Recently commuters have started parking on both sides of the section of Station Street as circled. This narrow one way 100 metre section of Station Street can then become impassable.

station st map

Recently, a car towing a caravan was witnessed as having to back out of this section of road, complete a rather awkward U turn and proceed back down Station Street. 

station st image

This photo taken from the position marked 1,  shows the narrowness of the verge section nearest the railway.  This forces cars to park largely on the road. If cars park on both sides then the road can become impassable. 

Vehicles that do manage to park on the side marked red have to negotiate a steep drop off caused by erosion.  This has also led to considerable damage to the garden plants cultivated by local residents. 

When consideration is given to the fact that, because of the numerous trees, there is only room for a few cars, then the public value of these car parking spaces is greatly reduced.  Would it be possible to limit parking to the railway side? 

Could some consideration be also given to returning this verge to its more garden like state, with some top soil or similar?

Your consideration of this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Murray Jones


Thirroul Village Committee

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