Minutes of the general meeting held on Sunday 19th of February 2016

PRESENT: Lynne Parker, Paul Tuckerman, Murray Jones, Peter Spencer, Christine Hill, Catherine Philps, Linda Cortie, Annette Jones, Helen Gibson, Suzette De Ville, David Beswick, Cathy Bloch, Peter Spencer, John Mebberson, Ron Hutchings.

APOLOGIES: Barbara Mebberson, Kay Smith, Ray Smith, Anne Price, Shaun Prince Bronwyn Hutchison, Ross Deardon, Gina Hastings, Gary Chapman, Kerry Stratton, Phillip Laird.

The General Meeting commenced at 4.00 pm.  The minutes of the previous General Meeting and AGM of 14th of August 2016 which were distributed by email, were accepted as read.

Secretaries report

Email from Gary Chapman offering his resignation as Vice President and apology to inability to attend due to family commitments read in full.  The email is attached as appendix A.

Email from Council summarised as confirming refusal to allow the development at 39 Woodland Avenue to go ahead.  TVC previously wrote a letter of objection because of the potential for the land slipping into the sea, as per previous tennis courts on that location.

Email from Judy Bourke advising of congratulations flowing through to Sydney Trains for winning a 2016 Heritage award for Restoration of Platform 2/3 Building at Thirroul Railway Station.  Sydney Trains apparent attempt to illegally demolish the building was forgotten.

heritage photo

Email from Kirk Bendall advising of fixed seating arrangements on Sydney's new inter city trains.  This will cause 50% of passengers to sit with their back to the direction of the flow. If you find this seating arrangement objectionable, please click  HYPERLINK "https://www.nsw.gov.au/your-government/ministers/minister-for-transport-and-infrastructure/" here to link though to the Minister for Transport's online submission form.  Just a few words will help, as usually with these sorts of issues, it is the number of submissions that count.

Email from Ross Deardon introducing Dave Beswick as former convenor of NC2 and long term member of NIRAG.

Treasurers Report

Was tabled by John Mebberson and summarised as $4,840 in the bank representing $900 increase from the previous report.  The income is from website advertising and Graffiti Removal.

Progress on the Timetabling  Issue

Murray reported that he had not received a response from the Letter as sent to Gareth Ward on December 20th as previously distributed and asked for direction on the next step.  The meeting decided to send the letter by email to both local Gareth Ward and Ryan Park.

Election for Vice President and Media Manager positions.

Paul called for nominations.  As the only nominee was Ray Smith who prior to the meeting offered to take on the position of VP if there were no other nominees, the positions were combined and Ray was elected unopposed.

Seaside and Arts Festival Planning

Peter Spencer and Murray met on 17 February to discuss  the presentation on 1st April 9 - 3pm at W.F. Jackson Park. They decided to proceed on a similar basis to last year.  We will need a minimum of nine people to cover three shifts of two hours.  One from each shift will need an Ipad for photos. 

 Instead of having fixed easels displaying historical photos we will place the historical photos in Ipads to be called on as required and will try to present more on what we do now and how we can help the community, especially in Gardening and Graffiti control.  

The primary vehicle for public engagement will be a small give away brochure.  The wording is yet to be finalised.

Additional requirements;

3x3 meter Canopy with suitable advertising on the roof or eves - to be purchased.

Table on loan.

3 fold up chairs on loan.

Tablecloth from last year.

Tee Shirts from last year.

Peter will prepare a slide presentation and load onto each Ipad.

Peter and Murray will prepare wording for the Brochure. 

Murray will arrange printing and guillotining.

The three people with Ipads agreed on this roster.  The other allocations are tentative and can be changed as required.

9 - 11       Suzette De-Ville  with Murray Jones, Kay and Ray Smith

11 - 1       Lynne Parker with Catherine Philps and Paul Tuckerman

1 - 3         Peter Spencer Barbara and John Mebberson 

Dolphin Mural Project

Linda Cortie made a presentation to the meeting on an idea witnessed originally in Canada and could work here if supported as a project by the TVC.  

The project fosters a positive environmental message about nature, and in Thirroul's case, an appreciation of creatures that live in the sea.  It would involve covering an unused or ugly section of fencing in the Town with brightly coloured dolphins of differetn shapes and sizes.  School children would paint the wooden profiles of dolphins in class and at the same time gain an appreciation about how these creatures live.

The meeting agreed to support the following steps

Source suitable timber

Mens Shed cut out profiles of a series of sea creatures

School Children paint the sea creatures whilst learning about each

arrange these in a flowing pattern on suitable fencing

Repeat annually or periodically

Linda stated that Wonsons Timber have offered to supply the timber at cost.  Ray Smith offered the support in principle from the Mens Shed, however there will be some costs involved.  

It was suggested that once funding requirements have been determined, there should be a significant chance of success in approaching the Lions Club to use some of the income from the Seaside and Arts Festival for the project.

The meeting agreed to give in principle support and Linda offered to investigate further.

The next meeting Date 28th May 

Meeting closed at 5.20pm

Please note that the dates for next four meetings will be: 

28th May
6th August  ---  AGM
17th September
26th November


Appendix A 

Gary Chapman's Letter of Resignation

Morning Murray,

Would you please submit my apologies for Sundays meeting and read out the following,

I will be in Sydney for my youngest daughter Georgia farewell family function. Georgia and her partner Rob are off to Montpelier France for two years as Rob undertakes a two year post doctoral scholarship.  I have really enjoyed my time with the Thirroul Village Committee over the past years, it’s a great group of concerned and caring citizens who add value to the community through their actions not just words.

I would like thank all those who taken the time to care and I won’t do a list of names.  However my sincere appreciation to Paul and Murray , Paul as one of the finest and most considerate gentleman you would ever wish to meet and Murray for his tireless , dogged, detailed and never ending organising and presenting the goals of our little group. I have really enjoyed being a part of this community. Thanks for putting up with me!! 

Regards Gary 

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