Minutes of the general meeting held on Sunday 22nd of May 2016

PRESENT:  Paul Tuckerman, Murray Jones, Peter Spencer, Christine Hill, Catherine Philps, John Dalla Pozza, Kay Smith, Ray Smith, Ron Hutchings, Beth Mc Mullen, Michael McMullen, Gail Chapman, John Chapman, Helen Gibson.

APOLOGIES: Barbara Mebberson, John Mebberson, Ginna Hastings, Annette Jones, Suzette DeVille, Linda Cortie, Kerry Christian, Catherine Philps, Sylvia Wishart, Phil Turnbull, Stephen Kennard.

The general meeting commenced at 4.00 pm.  The minutes of the previous meeting of 14th of February 2016 were distributed by email and accepted as a true reflection of that meeting.

Secretaries report

Christine Hill provided an email from Brian Lefoe of Roads and Maritime Services.  The email explained the roles and responsibilities of the various authorities associated with Thirrouls's overhead Bridge as;

RMS  - asphalt and spills

Railcorp  - Bridge Structure

WCC - footpaths and traffic barriers.

The Email also explained that the area is not treated as a school zone because St Micheals does not have an entrance onto Lawrence Hargrave Drive.

Christine also reported on observing progress on the new apartment building directly to her south and east of  the Library.  The builder deserves credit for his work in protecting the giant fig tree, establishing  a surrounding "rainforest" section and reusing the old sandstone on the site.

Christine also reported on some interesting history of the Overhead Bridge.  When the rail line to Sydney was duplicated in 1916 the Bridge was built to replace  the rail level crossing north of the Cenotaph.  Access to the Bridge was via five right angle bends in the road. This was considered dangerous and led to a 15 year history of agitation by locals to have the work completed properly. In 1930 the sweeping bends accessing the overhead Bridge were finally completed.

Ray Smith's email reported;

1) Fence on roadway between Catholic church & the railway bridge needs replacing. Currently an eyesore.

2) Need to approach Telstra re the ongoing graffiti problem at the Thirroul telephone exchange plus they need to replace the old front fence.

3) Maybe follow up required re the leasing of the renovated surf pavilion and change rooms.

It was agreed that letters on these issues should be sent to WCC and Telstra.

Ginna Hastings is overseas but sent an email to report success with directly asking Council for installation of a rubbish bin and dog poo pickup bags at the entrance to Gibson Park.

Ginna also heard from an excellent source that the parking area adjacent to the William Woodward Park near Thirroul Physiotherapists has always been a four hour parking zone and was never intended for commuter parking.  

Ginna also reported on a conversation with a Parking Ranger during one of their rare appearance in Thirroul, that they are understaffed and are rarely assigned to patrol Thirroul.  Ginna suggests that we write to Council on these issues.

Business on notice

The Thirroul Transport Committee (TTC) consisting of Stephen Kennard, Judy Bourke, Ross Dearden, Phillip Laird and Murray Jones reported on meetings with the two local members, Gareth Ward and Ryan Park and has managed to gain a three month trial of five morning express stops at Austinmer.  The TTC is continuing to pursue a similar arrangement for Bulli.

The meeting agreed to proceed with involvement in the 2017 Seaside and Arts Festival. It was decided to improve on our current presentation of mainly historical information by aiming to express who we are and what we do. A committee formed in the last meeting of the calendar year will complete the planning.

General Business

Residents of Foothills Road raised the issue of early morning parking chaos in their normally quiet street.  It appears that since the Sublime Point Track has been rebuilt, the path has become a popular early morning run for fitness fanatics.  This has lead to the area around the start of the track being "parked out" by sunrise.  Residents are often woken before dawn.  Discussions ensued.  It was agreed that this activity on this public track would only increase and there was no obvious way to prevent people from using this public facility. Possible mitigating steps put forward were;

Have a specialist car park built

Encourage users to park at Sublime Point

Have local residents form a group to pursue these solutions.

The closure of the pedestrian island crossing across LHD in front of the Commonwealth Bank was raised as a concern.  Murray reported that this was part of WCC's planned footpath rebuild between Beaches Hotel and Arthur Street.  Removal of this significant public safety feature has not been mentioned in the plans. Murray felt sure that the Island Crossing would be re-installed on completion of this work.

The next meeting will be on Sunday 14th August at 4pm.  Meeting closed at 5.10pm

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