Minutes of the general meeting held on Sunday 14th of February 2016

PRESENT:  Paul Tuckerman, Barbara Mebberson, John Mebberson, Murray Jones, Linda Cortie, Lynne Parker, Christine Hill, Virginia Hastings, Annette Jones, Catherine Philps, John Dalla Pozza, Bronwyn Hutchison, Ray Smith, Ron Hutchings, Shaun Prince, Helen Gibson.

APOLOGIES: Cr. Greg Petty, Peter Spencer, Gary Chapman, Miranda Johnston, Kay Smith, Ross Deardon, Maria Basaglia, Steve Dillon.

The general meeting commenced at 4.00 pm.  The minutes of the previous meeting of 15th November 2015 had been distributed by email and were accepted as a true reflection of that meeting.

Secretaries Report

The only correspondence was from David Hubbard, Coordinator of the Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival, asking if we wish to participate in this year's event scheduled for April 1,2 and 3.

Treasurers Report

The current bank balance was reported as $3809.52 with 10 cents accrued as interest.

Business on notice: Proposal to reduce the impact of commuter parking. 

Ginna spoke to the proposal to ask Council to place a time limit between two to four hours on the Car park near Woodward Park, immediately north of the Thirroul Physiotherapists.  This could occur immediately the car park is resurfaced.  This is due to occur in the near future.  This would increase the number of car spaces available for people to visit Thirroul businesses and guide commuters to use the scarcely used commuter car park, located seven minutes north from Thirroul Station.  Ginna stated that Council have parking rangers who are available to enforce such changes as they have done in the parallel parking at the railway end of Station Street.  The issue was discussed, and the main objection was that as much of this car park was on Railway Land, it may be difficult for Sydney Trains to act against commuter requirements.  It was suggested then that around 1/2 should be dedicated to commuters and half dedicated to short term parking.

Shaun presented some additional changes near the corner of George Street and Phillip Street which could also contribute to improved parking and traffic flow.  Shaun suggested:

closing the current bus parking bay outside Samuels and replace it with a nearby Parallel parking bay on LHD outside La Trattoria Restaurant.

Removing the Pedestrian crossing outside the Ryans Hotel to allow for more parallel parking along Phillip Street

Install traffic calming devices at the LHD end of both George and Phillip Street.

Use the additional park space made available by closure of the bus parking bay for a memorial to Lawrence Hargrave Drive.

Chris suggested that parking be allowed along the full length of Railway Parade.


Invitation to participate in the Seaside and Arts Festival on April.

Murray spoke of the invitation to participate in the Seaside and Arts Festival and it was decided to proceed on the same basis as last year.  Lynne Parker, Barbara Mebberson, Paul Tuckerman and Catherine Philps offered to help out on the day.


General Business

Christine Hill spoke of her concern with the Roxburough Avenue and Seafoam Avenue intersection and efforts to have installed "Look" stencils similar to those used in Central Wollongong.  After writing to Council on this issue, Chris expressed her disappointment in the lack of action and apathy shown by both WCC and RMS.

John Della Bosca called for assistance in cleaning up Gibson Park.  Ginna volunteered.

The poor drainage at the end of Gibson Park was discussed.  It was also noted that there is apparently no storm water drainage in Station Street.  It was decided to write to the four Councillors and General Manager on this issue.

Helen Gibson raised the issue of train noise, especially from coal trains in the middle of the night.  Barbara explained the ongoing history of relationships with the principle rail transport company, Pacific National and offered to supply Helen with direct company phone numbers.

Paul Tuckerman raised the issue of the lack of professionalism and resultant poor quality work completed by many tree lopping companies, especially those that contract for the power companies.  Paul gave the example of poor quality work being carried out by TMG, a company from Gosford.  Ginna expressed concerns about the construction work damaging the large Morton Bay Fig outside the Library.

The next meeting will be on Sunday 22nd May at 4pm.  Meeting closed at 5.10pm

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