Minutes of the general meeting held on Sunday 3rd of July 2015

PRESENT: Linda Cortie, Barbara Mebberson,Paul Tuckerman,Bronwyn Hutchison,Murray Jones,Peter Spencer, Anne Jones, Hal Pratt, Denise Russell, Gary Chapman, Lynne Parker, Catherine Philps, John Dalla Pozza

APOLOGIES: Stephen Dillon, Lynne Jones, John Mebberson, Sylvia Wishart

The general meeting commenced at 4.05 pm.  Paul welcomed those attending and gave a brief outline of this meeting's agenda. The minutes of the previous meeting of the 28th of April had been distributed by email and were accepted as a true reflection of that meeting.

Secretaries report:

Bank statement received stating funds of $1,273.04.  

$500 in cash received from Cadifern Pty. Ltd. for painting over graffiti at 124 Phillip Street (cnr Virginia Terrace and Phillip St) on the condition that we will also paint over any other graffiti at that address for the next 12 months. These details were included in the TVC invoice to Cadifern.

$60 TRIPS invoice for hall hire for the year ending  30/6/15 paid today by cheque.

Reported on letter from Ryan Park M.P. to State Minister for Transport asking for a meeting to discuss adjustments to the train timetable.

Reported on letter from Tim Riordan, acting Secretary, Transport for NSW addressed to Gary Chapman in response to an email sent from TVC.  It addressed two issues.

1.The reason given for express services stopping at Oatley is that because trains from Wollongong share the line with trains from Cronulla.  The Wollongong train needs to make an additional stop to maintain a buffer space with the train before and after.  That stop, based on passenger demand, has been chosen as Oatley.
2.The reason given for stopping at Helensburgh as opposed to our recommendation of Waterfall is because there is a higher demand and better rail infrastucture at Helensburgh.

Members expressed disappointment with this response.

Reported on a letter from Sharon Bird calling for nomination for community volunteers.  Paul asked the Secretary to make up a list of people calling for nominations.

The following two letters were sent as Business arising from the last meeting

1. Letter to Council on developments at Thirroul Beach as previously distributed.
2. Letter to Councillors asking for meeting with no response.

General Business

Barbara mentioned that the Rotary Club is considering donating funds to assist in the restoration of the Amy memorial and other beach work.

Parking between the new childrens playground and Thirroul Pool was discussed.  It was agreed that there was a need to move the car park because of the

1. Danger presented to children by reversing cars
2. Compacting of earth under the pools pine trees
3. Need to meet the requirements of the new Restaurant.  
4. Dangerous cycleway.
5. Space will be available after relocation of the Amy Memorial.

Existing Council plans tended to indicate thatgeneral public access to the Beach Kiosk after re-development could be limited as now.  Gary also objected to the budget moving from $2m to $3.2 without explanation and recommended a meeting with Council staff.

The meeting agreed the preferred method of raising these concerns is for high level meetings with Council to discuss the whole Beach Precinct.  Bulli Beach Kiosk was put forward as an example of how the Thirroul Kiosk could operate.The meeting decided that that this issue should be handed over to the Beach committee for further action.

Rail timetabling and Carparking  was then discussed.  Concerns were expressed as to whether the150 parking spaces will be used.  That is, will Council need to implement parking restrictions throughout Thirroul to force commuters to use the car park?.   Why do patrons need to wait 15 minutes after alighting from an express serviceatThirroul to get to Bulli. It was agreed that timetable changes are the only real solutionand the new carpark is not a good solution for reasons as previously listed.  

Murray reported that the Thirroul Transport Committee consisting of Stephen Kennard, Judy Bourke, Murray Jones and Ross Deardenhave arranged meetings withthe two local members. The first meeting was inconclusive due to the late arrival of Gareth Ward. Another meeting is planned in a matter of weeks.

Lynne Parker reported on meeting with Ryan park over Graffiti.  Ryan was very supportive of our actions on Graffiti.  Ryan mentioned the possibility ofcommissioning  murals similar to those in Corrimal.   Difficulties of the anti graffiti effort, especially in relation to Council were discussed.  John Dalla Pozza volunteered to help in the anti graffiti effort.  The need for a high pressure water blaster were seen as a possible way of cleaninggraffiti.  It was decided that Murray and John visit Aldi to inspect a 2000psi high pressure water blaster priced at $300.  Barbara spoke in appreciation of John Commelli's efforts to clean graffiti off premises that he manage.

Paul spoke in support of a skate park in the area.  Paul also spoke of his disappointment in finding  the sublime point lookout in poor condition and especially the wet area behind the kiosk which appears to be due to a leaking water pipe.

The next meeting, which will also be the Annual General Meeting was set down for Sunday 27th September at 4.00pm. The meeting then closed at 5.15 pm.

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