Minutes of the General Meeting held on Sunday 13th April 2014

PRESENT:  Paul Tuckerman, Barbara Mebberson, Linda Cortie, Lynne Parker, Chris Quine, Bronwyn Hutchison, Peter Spencer, Rae Barrett-Foye, Alex Petersen, Sylvia Wishart, Kay Smith, Ray Smith, Murray Jones.

APOLOGIES: Steve Spencer, Anne Price, Catherine Philps, Ross Dearden, Ron Hutchings, Susannah Cavill, Adrian Johnston, Cr. Greg Petty, Susan Rhind, Ryan Park, Christine Hill, Lynne Dark.
The General Meeting commenced at 4.05 pm.

The minutes of the previous meeting of the 27th of October as previously distributed to members via email and were accepted as read.  

Secretaries Report – Murray reported on correspondence as follows:

SOS submission
You may recall that Mr. Stephen Spencer of the Save our Services Committee (SOS) was the guest speaker at the previous meeting.  He spoke of the apparent lack of importance assigned to the delivery of basic services by WCC. SOS sent a copy of their submission to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) regarding the Application of WCC to increase rates.  This submission is distributed with these draft minutes. Murray did not read out the five page submission but reported that WCC’s three key failures as seen by SOS are;

embarking on costly grandiose projects,        
failure to contain costs on projects and        
benchmarking expenditure, not efficiency.    

McCauley Beach Estate Road Access
Murray reported on a letter received from the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, the Hon. Brad Hazzard, as forwarded by the Member for Keira, Mr. Ryan Park , regarding vehicular access to the McCauley’s Beach Estate.  The letter, titled Hazzard070214.jpg, is attached alongside these draft minutes.

The key point that the letter states is that, according to the Minister Stockland has completed the necessary works for the north south road link….in accordance with the proposals.   Murray stated that it appears that the reason that the work is completed in accordance with the proposals is that the seven year time limit to complete the work has expired.

Murray summarised the situation by saying that Stockland managed to avoid its obligation under the proposal to build the $7m bridge across Tramway Creek. This cost was estimated  by the WCC, who have has since passed this obligation to the owners of the Cookson site, currently the Anglican Retirement Trust, as a future condition of development.  So we now have an estate with one means of egress onto the already busy Lawrence Hargrave Drive.  This traffic then merges with Thirroul’s one means of egress past the bottom of Bulli Pass.   

Stockland is better off by $7m and the ARV land value is effectively reduced by the future cost of $7m.  So it appears that the ARV’s penalty for being Stockland’s business partner is $7m.
The Convenor of Neighbourhood Forum Three, Steve Kennard, proposed that we form a traffic committee to pursue action on this and similar local traffic issues.  It was decided that further discussions between Murray and Steve would be held to determine the best way forward.

The difficulty of negotiating the stop sign at the intersection of Lawrence Hargrave and Bulli Pass was considered a local traffic issue, to be looked at by this traffic committee.

Liquor Licence for the Old Post Office
A Notice of Public Consultation for a liquor licence for a restaurant with a capacity for 125 patrons in the former Post Office Building was tabled as received from Sylvia Wishart.  Murray had previously corresponded on this matter directly with Sylvia.  Murray was of the opinion that as the notice specifically excluded the provision of entertainment within the restaurant and the building is fully enclosed, the operation of the restaurant should have minimal impact on nearby residents and that the proposed long hours of operation were necessary for delivery of provisions and cleaning up each night.

Report on Grafitti
Barbara, Lynne and Linda reported on a particularly heavy attack on local infrastructure by a group of graffiti vandals one recent Saturday night.  Most had been cleaned up but Councils poor response to removing Graffiti in Thomas Gibson Park was noted.

Demise of the Façade
Final demolition of the façade and the accompanied improvement in the appearance of the central area of Thirroul was reported.  Barbara spoke on the evolution of the issue including the 4cm lean and the loss of strength of the mortar as documented by Dick Hargraves. Barbara spoke of how Dick’s involvement greatly helped in the relationship with WCC.  Mr. Andrew Heaven, WCC Manager Development Assessment and Certification (Acting) was eventually most helpful in processing this matter with the property owners. Barbara also presented Andrew a memento in the form of a gift wrapped brick from the Facade.

Progress has been slow, with work commitment by both Murray and Pater delaying progress.  A commitment to complete before the next meeting was made.

NIRAG and local flood issues
Alex Petersen, the President of the Northern Illawarra Residents Action Group (NIRAG) reported on his involvement with the WCC and its flood risk management committee of Hewitts Creek and associated catchment.  This effectively covers the area of land between Bulli Hill and Thirroul Railway Station.  The next meeting of the Hewitts Creek Flood Risk Management Committtee will be held on September 26 and Alex offered to take any concerns raised by local residents to that Committee.  Alex can be contacted directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
General Business

Barbara reported on improvements to the Garden beds around Granny Raich’s corner, now the carpark across from the Beanstalk Café, improvements to the Gibson Park Carpark, and receipt of a direct donation From McGrath Real Estate of $150, now spent, to help in these and other gardening endevours of the TVC.  Special mention was made of the Roseleen’s work near the Housing Commission buildings at the western end of Station Street.

The next meeting was set down for Sunday 29th June at 4.00pm. The meeting then closed at 5.15 pm.

After the meeting closed the attendees joined in a toast to the recent success of the TVC, especially in actions on the saving the Station Waiting Shed, moving the Markets to Slacky Flat, and removal of the Façade. These were the product of the combined effort of members of the TVC.  Three bottles of Australian champagne costing a total of $36 were consumed.

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