PRESENT: Elliot Stein, Murray Jones, Annette Jones, Paul Tuckerman, Ken Clunas, Ross Dearden, Mary Durrance, Glen Durrance, Neil Walker, Cathy Bloch, Stephen Le Bas, Heather Parker, Sharon Hay, Chris Hay, Lynne Parker, Catherine Philps, Kay Grew, Phil Turnbull, Lachlan Harris, Cooper Riach, Maryanne Stuart, Lee Evans, Darryl Sullivan, Colleen Nordstrom, Mike Vail, Sallie Moffatt, Peter Aubourg, Denise Aubourg, Helen Gibson, Philippe Lahore Lahiffe, Karen Thornton, Susan Furber, Wayne Hunt, Richard Martin, Ivor Fabor, Russell Stuart, Cameron Walters, Tatiana Cutts, Michael Skwarek, Steve Dillon, John Newman, Carolyn Newman, Michael Crighton, Cherry Hardaker, Roz Pocius, Denise Farrier, David Farrier, Lachlan Harris, Ron Hutchings, Victoria Dawson, Jane Grant.

APOLOGIES: Ray Smith, John Mebberson, Tony Horneman, John Penhallow, Angela Penhallow, Susannah Cavill, Philip Laird, Stephen Young.

Meeting opened at 4.05 pm.

  1. Welcome by TVC Vice President, Elliot Stein
  2. Minutes of last meeting on 27th November 2022 were accepted. Moved – Stephen La Bas; Seconded – Neil Walker
  3. Secretary’s Report

Since the TVC meeting in November last year the TVC received 312 emails. The main subject matters were:

Hewitts Creek re-alignment for DA 

Lot 101 Amy Street and 

Skate Park in Thirroul

Following up from the minutes of the last meeting - Regarding the Amy monument in the centre of the Roundabout in the beach reserve near the pool, Cr Richard Martin wrote to say that

‘Options for the removal and restoration are currently being reviewed – we’ll provide a further update once the next step is determined’.

Annette also reported further damage to the base of the monument apparently from reversing trucks Cr. Martin wrote back to say that he

‘Inspected the memorial this morning and will pursue interim measures to minimise further impact’.

Regarding the Thirroul Skate Park, the design work is scheduled to commence this financial year, I also heard from Cr. Martin that: ‘We had a briefing and staff are scoping for sites. We will go out to the community shortly’.

The Skate Park Committee had an initial meeting and Marlon Roach, Ben Woolen, Simon Pinn and Murray Jones will meet further once we hear more from Council.

Regarding Councils call for submissions on

Draft Housing Strategy

Draft Retail and Business Strategy

Annette spoke with a number of residents. Issues, including specific suggestions following the Thirroul Plaza court case were discussed amongst the executive of five and a response was compiled.   The responses are posted on the TVC website. A Councillor requested a copy of the Retail and Business Strategy. The Secretary’s report was accepted without dissent, moved – Annette Jones; Seconded – Paul Tuckerman

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Since last meeting – outgoings $74.75 for Christmas Party drinks and nibbles

Bank                      $2603.12

Cash                         $11.70

Total funds        $2614.82

  1. Graffiti Report

Graffiti attacks continue in all the usual places around Thirroul and Thomas Gibson Park.  Thanks to the volunteers who overpaint the graffiti, especially John Dalla Pozza and Peter Spencer.  Thanks to WCC for providing the paint.  The community is reminded to always report graffiti crime.

a.           Call the Police on 131 444 to report graffiti attacks

b.           Contact WCC via:

Phone on (02) 4227 7111, to request graffiti removal and record the incident. 

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Send WCC a message via the WCC Facebook page.

Submit graffiti reports via Council’s website: 


Garden Report – not tabled.

Damage to and relocation of the Amy Monument was briefly discussed. It was reported by a Councillor that this is currently under review.

  1. Development Application (DA) Report

Annette advised the meeting that DAs for 8-10 Tasman Parade, otherwise known as McCauley Lodge and 19-23 Tasman Parade, the independent living units owned by Fresh Hope Care have been lodged with Council. These are not yet publicly available but are expected to be uploaded shortly. Members will be advised once these are publicly available. It is understood that there are to be 38 independent living units constructed on these two sites – one with 18 units and the other with 20 units. Concerns were expressed about increased traffic in the area and the size of the construction. Concern was also raised about access should there need to be a mass evacuation.

The DA for Lot 101 Amy Street has gone before the Land and Environment Court (LEC) with the revised plans being re-exhibited by Council. The plans and submissions are currently being reviewed and awaiting a decision by the LEC.

  1. Business on Notice

Neil Walker seeking TVC support for his letter to Council.

Neil explained that due to access issues due to Lawrence Hargrave Drive that approval for high-risk facilities such as hospitals, schools and housing for Seniors/People with Disability in Thirroul and the Northern Villages should not be granted as these facilities require multiple responses by multiple emergency services agencies. He asked that the TVC support his letter.

Moved – Neil Walker, Seconded – Michael Crighton. Support given.

  1. Presentations by Candidates for Heathcote

Lee Evans - Liberal

Maryanne Stuart – Labor

Cooper Riach – Greens

Order of presenters decided by drawing names out of a cap.

Maryanne Stuart – identified a number of issues in Thirroul and the electorate of Heathcote:

  • traffic congestion
  • access to health services, such as Bulli Hospital
  • rebuilding TAFE
  • education – increasing numbers of permanent teachers
  • challenges resulting from Covid
  • climate change – working to rollout renewables to the community – i.e., community batteries.

Lee Evans – Spoke of his respect for anyone nominating for public office

  • Felt like he was coming home after the recent electoral redistribution returned Thirroul to his Heathcote Electorate
  • Stated that he worked to get feed funding for the development of Bulli Hospital
  • Successful in gaining funding for improvements to local Surf Life Saving Clubs such as Sandon Point, Bulli and Thirroul
  • Saved Platform 2/3 at Thirroul from being demolished – cost half the allocated funding to have it renovated rather than removed
  • Identified that LHD is a Cobb and Co track and stated there is no simple answer for this main road. There may be some tweaks that RMS could make
  • Need to have more front-line services
  • Stated that the NSW Govt allotted an extra 10,000 teachers about a month ago.


Cooper Riach – explained that he grew up in Bundeena, graduating from Cronulla High.

  • Said he grew up near the oldest National Park and respects that special environment
  • Coal mining is polluting the National Park and he sent a jar of heavily contaminated water from Camp Gully Creek around. This was the result of discharges from the nearby Peabody Mine
  • Greens want to introduce a moratorium on all coal and gas planning
  • Identified that NSW Teachers and midwives are actively protesting due to the difficulties with their work
  • The Greens want to develop a nurse-to-patient ratio
  • Concern about the level of gambling in the State.

Questions and answers to all candidates from the floor:

  • Sale of Sydney Water

Maryanne – Not for sale. Need to keep public enterprises in public hands.

Lee – Said he wants to dispel the idea that the Liberals will sell Sydney Water. Said there is no plan to sell Sydney Water. Added that the F6 will be cancelled.

Cooper – Public assets should remain the public hands.

  • Can you ensure that there will be no expansion, extension or new coal mines in our water catchment?

Maryanne – Yes. EPA is looking at mines. Labor is looking at the transition of the 400 workers in the Metropolitan Colliery into the renewable sector.

Lee – Mainly high-quality coking coal here. Any transitioning will mean the loss of jobs at Port Kembla, so this needs to be kept in mind. Until coking coal is made illegal mining will continue.

Cooper – Concern should always be about the drinking water. Loss of jobs is an argument used by major parties. Coking coal can be mined elsewhere. Can’t put our water at risk.

  • Town Planning – new large housing developments are planned for Appin and Wilton, the concern is, this will put plenty of pressure on the environment and roads. What can you do to ensure good town planning?

Cooper – Concerned that some of the land that is to be cleared is prime koala habitat. The issue of increased traffic needs to be addressed.

Lee – Currently around 1,600 people move into the area of Camden each month. Housing is complex. The projections into the future shows that we need more housing close to the airport to accommodate those working there – around 26,000 airport jobs predicted. Days of untouched villages are gone.

Maryanne – Noticed that people get off the trains and into their cars to get home. Need to ensure have appropriate transport networks to prevent this. Can’t keep approving developments unless have the infrastructure to service the population.

  • Can’t keep approving high risk development in Thirroul – especially with problems with LHD. Will you oppose high risk development in Thirroul? Maryanne was not asked to respond as Neil Walker read out Ryan Park’s written advice to him expressing support and referring to his formal representations to the Minister and to Council. 

Lee – Council manages local planning through the DA process. The planning minister creates the planning instrument. Local politicians cannot get involved in this process.

Cooper – There is an issue of access and transport. Need to look at alternative forms of transport other than the car.

  • Traffic has been identified as a big issue in Thirroul. Much of the traffic problem has to do with infill, particularly of late. There is a lack of co-ordination between the State and Council. This needs to improve. What will you do to improve things?

Cooper – Better active transport/public transport could help. Nobody solved traffic problems by building more roads.

Maryanne – Congratulations to the community for the Plaza outcome. Lots of buck passing between the different levels of Government. Gave a commitment to work with all levels of Govt to resolve issues. Need to make sure the community is safe is there is an emergency.

Lee – LHD is a State controlled road. He will push for $4.5m funding to Council to investigate better connectivity around Thirroul.

  • If you are elected in March, will you arrange in the next term of government for Wollongong LGA to be included in the neighbour notification requirement for Complying Development Certificates (CDCs)?

Maryanne – There are notification requirements. Issue should be taken up with Fair Trading.

Lee – Unsure why WCC doesn’t do this. Will follow up with the Ministers. Have to investigate.

Cooper – Private Certifier system ridiculous. Greens are looking at alternatives and will follow up on this.

  • Question to Lee – Saw your flyer. What are you most proud of achieving while in Government?

Improvement of the greyhound racing industry. In 2016 many thought the greyhound racing industry was over. However, the decision was reversed by the party room. What resulted was that the less scrupulous trainers and owners were taken out of the industry. Stated that the industry has cleaned up now. The facilities at Bulli are top class. The sport now has a professional feel.

  • What questions do you ask yourself that help guide the decisions you make?

Maryanne – Consider if it aligns with core values and respect. Big on consultation. Uses gut instinct – right or wrong. Aims to keep people safe.

Lee – The job gets him up on a daily basis. Often criticised for not getting out there but thinks the job is to help local families – works behind the scenes. People ask him to help in the DA process but said he has to make sure he doesn’t get involved in planning decisions as could be accused of interference and go before the ICAC. Needs to keep at arm’s length.

Cooper – Has a scientific background so looks at things logically. Believes the political system needs more people from a variety of backgrounds. Passionate as what is decided will affect him and his peers as he is from the younger generation. Need to plan for the future. Greens believe that there should be a $20 per tonne tax on coal export. He has the belief that politics can be better.

  • Question to Lee about improvement in trains

All transport staff finally signed off on the agreement. When this comes into effect the new fleet will come into service and there will be more trains, more services.

The Vice President thanked the candidates for their answers and thanked the members for their thoughtful questions.

Meeting closed at 5.25pm.


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