PRESENT: Paul Tuckerman, Murray Jones, Martin Gorrick, Jo Holder, Judy Bourke, Tony Horneman, Peter Spencer, Glenn Durrance, Mary Durrance, Catherine Philps, Linda Cortie, Robert Glynn, Ken Clunas (13)

APOLOGIES: Kerry Stratton, Karine Shellshear, Chris Hay, Lynne Parker, Warwick Erwin, Ron Hutchings, John Dalla Pozza, Ross Dearden, Annette Jones, Bradon Ellem, Nick BG, John Stubbs, Phillip Laird, John Mebberson, Barbara Mebberson, Vickie Potter, Catherine Boyatzis, Andrew Lawless (18)

Meeting opened at 4.04pm

President’s introduction:
Introduction and welcome to meeting by the TVC President, Paul Tuckerman. The President asked that the minutes of the previous meeting be separated into AGM and GM and moved that the AGM Minutes from 8 July 2018 be received by the meeting but not endorsed. This will occur at the next AGM.  Moved – Martin Gorrick; Seconded – Judy Bourke.
GM Minutes from 8 July 2018 were received and endorsed by the meeting. Moved – Martin Gorrick; Seconded – Judy Bourke.
As there were several new attendees, Paul gave an overview of TVC activities, including graffiti control, gardening and development control activities. Paul explained that we only oppose developments that do not comply with or were against the aspirations of local and state government planning legislation.

Secretaries Report

Murray reported that:
  • As requested at the last TVC meeting, a letter suggesting a solution to Thirroul’s weekend traffic issues was sent to the Mercury, all Councillors, the Mayor and Ryan Park, our local MP.
  • As requested at the last TVC meeting, a letter of thanks regarding improvements to Jackson Park was sent to WCC.
  • WCC advised that the DA for 13 Tasman Parade Thirroul was formally withdrawn by the applicants.
  • WCC advised that the DA for 7 George Street Thirroul was determined by way of refusal.
  • Councillor Dom Figliomeni wrote to thank TVC for the letter on traffic issues.He suggested that this could introduce dangers to residents and that we seek the support of local councillors.
  • Councillor John Dorathy wrote to thank TVC for the letter on traffic issues and said that he would forward it onto the WCC traffic engineers.
  • Councillor Mithra Cox wrote to thank the TVC for the letter on traffic issues and suggested that better public transport, including trains possibly every 10 minutes was an alternate solution. Mithra also agreed that widening LHD is not an option.
Murray reported that the idea of the footbridge across the railway connecting King Street with Lookout Street was not included in the traffic letter because previous correspondence had categorised it as impractical. A search of previous TVC correspondence revealed that this option was dismissed by the Minister for Transport on safety ground in 2009.  The required span is very long and bridges that required staunchions between sets of tracks have not been built since the Granville disaster.
As a result of the Secretaries report the meeting requested that the Secretary
  1. Write to Anglicare and ask for an update on progress.
  2. Ask Leigh Colacino to explain his non attendance and to attend a future meeting
  3. Ask Janice Kershaw to attend the next TVC meeting to discuss transport and other issues
  4. Ask Councillors to consider promotion of public transport options, eg, buses every 20 minutes
  5. Organise “MailChimp” to be our email server.

General Business

Paul spoke of our over dependence of cars.  He mentioned that ad-hoc traffic analysis revealed that the majority of cars in the Northern Illawarra only contain a single driver. Tony suggested that we promote the use of bikes, even electric bikes.
Tony announced that the next Graffiti Control Committee meeting will be held at Jose Jones, 10am on Saturday 16th November.


Tony also raised the issue of the pending “High Dunes” development application in Bulli. This DA is for 8 low rise apartments to be built in the area marked in light blue. The DA has not been submitted at this stage.  The developer, Paul Nichols had previously met with the Northern Illawarra Residents Action Group (NIRAG) seeking advice on this development.  Murray, Ross Dearden and Tony, as NIRAG members reviewed the development.  We were in unison in our objection to the suggested red access. The Blue path has many benefits.  This is also Paul Nichols preferred option. The reasoning behind the elimination of the blue option appeared to be due to the complexities of bureaucracy. 
When WCC place the DA on exhibition, the Secretary will seek comment from those across the complexities of this DA and advise members. NIRAG have indicated that they will object to the Red path when the actual DA is put on public comment
Judy raised the issue of the Austinmer Pool Dressing Sheds not having suitable toilet facilities. Judy claimed that they do not meet the standards required for disabled toilets.
Presentation on the experience of using professionals in town planning

Martin Gorrick recounted the history of residents adjacent to a development planned for 44 Balfour Road Austinmer.  Residents found numerous contentious issues with this development.  Five of the Residents could not make the WLPP hearing held at 5pm on a Wednesday night. They decided to enlist the services of a legal firm that specialised in town planning.
The Legal firm organised a conference with some of the neighbours and a site inspection.  With five days to go before the WLPP hearing, the lawyers reviewed all relevant documents and then prepared a written submission.  They then spoke at the WLPP hearing.  As they represented five residents, the WLPP allowed them 15 minutes of speaking time.  Martin felt that the outcome was that the residents’ viewpoint was clearly presented and the key take away was that all developments need to fit with the vision for the area and with the character of the street. However, the WLPP chose not to determine the DA – and instead delegated back to Council the task of deciding whether the DA should be allowed; or disallowed.
Martin also suggested that there could be utility in retaining relevant experts (e.g. planning lawyers/town planners/traffic control/geo-technicians) at the Exhibition Stage of a controversial DA – on the basis that they author a submission on behalf of a resident; or that they inform a resident submitter of relevant matters so that the submitter can use that advice in his/her own submission.
Lastly, Martin spoke about key practical considerations involved in retaining experts – including negotiating the terms of the retainer; negotiating cost; working out what contributions will be made by residents (if more than one involved in retainer); and having a system in place for the dissemination of information and instructions between the expert and the residents. 
Suggested meeting dates for 2020 are 16th February, 26th April, 5th July AGM, 30th August, 22nd November.
The next meeting will be the 24th November.
Meeting closed 5:20pm

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