ATTENDEES: Murray Jones, Tony Horneman, Ray Smith, Martin Gorrick, Louise Wellington, Stephen Le Bas, Annette Jones

Inaugural meeting of the Thirroul Plaza subcommittee opened by Murray. Murray outlined where the process was up to:

  •   Submissions closed

  •   Council collating concerns

  •   Council to put forward their recommendations

  •   Southern Regional Planning Panel (SRPP) to convene - consists of 4 people, including the


  •   They listen to speakers and make a decision

  •   Subcommittee needs to organise a list of speakers, each covering a different aspect of

    the development. Don’t want any overlap

    There was a suggestion of designing and circulating a petition to go to Council.

    Martin reviewed the SRPP charter and suggested that the ability of the Ward 1 Councillors to make a submission direct to the SRPP on behalf of their constituents could have an impact. It was suggested that it would be good if the Councillors also approach the Council experts – i.e. traffic, flood engineers etc on behalf of the community. Concern was expressed that Councillors have been silent on the issue.

    Suggested that we write to Ward 1 Councillors to try and engage them. There is a ‘

    Govt Information (Public Access)

GIPA requests lodged for access to documents relating to the DA process – straightforward and useful

Better Planning Network (BPN)’ which is a state-wide Not for Profit, grassroots

volunteer-based organization. The aim is for a robust and visionary planning system for NSW -

one that fosters best practice environmental, heritage, social sustainability and design

outcomes; and tomake sure best practice planning is achieved through a collaborative and

authentic community partnership engagement approach. This organization has a range of

resources that could be useful.

  •   Responded to swiftly by Council officers

  •   Everyone has a right to see these documents as in the public domain.

  •   Access to documents between developers and Council can be insightful- for example pre

    lodgement meeting notes. The developers of the Plaza were encouraged to

    communicate with the community before lodging the plans which did not happen.

  •   An example where community engagement did happen and was successful was the

    Anglicare development at Bulli. Anglicare organised displays, had tea/coffee and experts

    available to take and answer questions.

  •   Making GIPA requests can keep the pressure up

  •   Suggested that a library of requested GIPA documents could be organised for easy


    It was noted that the Escarpment is important and is mentioned in Chapter D12 of the DCP. The escarpment is on the State Heritage register and the views of this important landform need to be maintained.

    Louise and Stephen visited a number of local businesses during the week and spent some time with the Manager of IGA Thirroul, David. All businesses they spoke to were against the proposal as it would impact negatively on their business.

  •   Suggested that there is a need to keep the pressure up via media, Facebook etc.

  •   Need to continue the conversation and keep the issue at the forefront of people’s minds

  •   Suggested to have two angles of community engagement – TVC and Facebook sites

  •   Perhaps a petition

  •   Need to get Councillors involved as the Council has an input to the SRPP

    Louise and Stephen will look into case law regarding mixed use development and look at the issues involved – look at wins and losses.

    Louise wrote to the owners of Beaches. They responded saying thanks for the concern but that they had a number of other issues to contend with at present due to COVID.

    It was suggested that the community needs to come up with an acceptable alternative plan. This could be used to push forward the case. Could have a petition outlining what the community wants - e.g. DA acceptable with conditions such as no third storey, different entry point.

    It was suggested that maybe an information table could be set up outside IGA on a weekend to raise awareness and see what the community wanted. Plus have a petition ready for signing. It was thought it may be more prudent to have a table away from IGA. Murray spoke of an earlier

meeting with Luke McKenzie of Metcash who suggested they are willing to help and could provide funding or help directly with printing

There was discussion about the establishment of a ‘Thirroul Chamber of Commerce’. The establishment of this could add weight to the community concerns. Stephen said he would speak to the Manager of IGA, David to discuss the idea of establishing a ‘Thirroul Chamber of Commerce’. The Chamber would need to be established and run by local businesses. Murray added that IMB could be approached as they have indicated in the past that they would consider funding such a venture.

There was discussion about the presentation before the SRPP and the importance of organisation:

  •   Need to register intention to speak

  •   Speakers need to be coordinated

  •   No overlapping of issues

  •   Speakers need to be well briefed and prepared

    There are a lot of rumours swirling about. Need to develop a way forward to keep on track.

    Ray read Chapter D12 of the DCP which focuses on Thirroul. There is a lot on heritage and style. The proposal does not reflect this. New building needs to keep in with the existing architecture. The heritage of the escarpment needs to be pushed.

    Need community involvement. But what does the community want? What do we want them to do?

    It was suggested that we look at the NSW Planning response to the Anglicare submission as this has a table listing what they want and how dealt with and recommendation.

    Agreed that there is a need for an action plan. Use this document to develop the plan. Suggested actions:

  •   need to get a Chamber of Commerce started

  •   Keep lodging GIPA requests

  •   Keep up community engagement

    Next meeting – Saturday 20th, 4pm. Open to all. Agenda items needed.

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