Attendees: Ray Smith, Kaye Smith, John Mebbersen, Tony Horneman, Susannah Cavill, Barbara Mebbersen, Murray Jones, Elliot Stein, Annette Jones, Ron Hutchings, Steve Dillon, Mary Ellen Durrance, Glenn Durrance, Anna Laird, Phil Laird, Richard Martin, Maryanne Stuart, Vicki Potter, Chris Hill, Neil Walker, Garry McMahon, Lorna McMahon, John Penhallow, Cathy Block, Stephen Le Bas, Judy Bourke

Apologies: Ross Dearden, Paul Tuckerman, Angela Penhallow, Lynne Parker, Darryl Sullivan.

1.   President’s Report

2022/23 has been reasonable busy year for the TVC with a number of large DAs:

Thirroul Plaza redevelopment which the Land and Environment Court (LEC) rejected in August 2022. A real win for the Thirroul community.

Redevelopment of McCauley Lodge and Tasman Court into 38 mostly 2–3-bedroom independent living units up to 3 stories, on both sides of Tasman Parade.

Lot 101 Amy Street (includes subdivision behind Panmills Drive) since approved by the LEC.

DA for Hewitts Lane, also approved by the LEC.

Other issues of concern that the TVC has been involved include traffic changes on LHD between Wrexham Rd and Hight St. Maryanne Stuart assisted the community with this issue.

The TVC also had a stand at the annual Seaside and Arts Festival this year which attracted plenty of attention as many of the locals wanted to know more about what the TVC is about and the history of Thirroul.

The TVC continues to be involved in maintaining the parks and gardens of Thirroul and it is great to see that council has finally carried out significant clean up and beautification work at the playground at Thirroul beach. Also, the clean-up of Graffiti in Thirroul is something some of our members work tirelessly on to clean up or report on as required. Thanks is extended to all members involved in these activities.

I would also like to thank Murray for his devoted and tireless work for the TVC and the Thirroul community over many years. His knowledge of Thirroul, the history of Thirroul is immense and his research work has been invaluable for this community. Fortunately, Murray will continue as a member of the TVC in an ex officio position so he can continue to be involved in Executive meetings. 

2.   Minutes of Last Annual General Meeting on 15th May 2022 - accepted as read

Moved - Kaye Smith; Seconded – Elliot Stein

3.   Secretary’s Report

This was the final report by Murray Jones as Secretary of the TVC, after almost 20 years in the position. He provided a snapshot of the TVC and Thirroul over his years as Secretary.

Murray noted that after twenty years the traffic is worse than ever and the future of Thirroul as we know it is still under threat, primarily from the potential to lose its classic strip shopping centre where shops are spread along the main road. Their success dependant on street parking, which in turn make it safer for pedestrians. Take a drive through Warrawong to see what can happen. The fight goes on.

The TVC does not have a charter because no one has had the time to write one. So, the TVC has evolved over time more or less by trial and error. Meetings were changed from 12 to 5 times a year, which improved attendance numbers. In the meantime, the six-person executive meets as required and can act on behalf of the TVC if their decision is unanimous. If the matter is controversial, we leave it to others or send around an email seeking comment. We don’t have a mandate so we cannot claim to represent the people of Thirroul. We can only claim to represent a group of Thirroul residents.

The TVC was formed in 1991 by Don Gray. Don put up some signs in the supermarkets and shops and called a public meeting. Lynette Jones and a few others turned up. Don’s main concern was the town was becoming rather tatty. The TVC started the Seaside and Arts Festival. Paul Tuckerman and Murray took over from Don and Lynne in 2004.  

Since 2018 development has become significant issue with new state legislation bringing in concerns about the activities of private certifiers, and State Government controlled Local Planning Panels becoming Consent Authority usurping Council. We now see wooden retaining walls with an expected life of 10 to 20 years supporting multiple town houses and multi-storey buildings being built on crumbling cliff faces.

The Plaza DA and the appearance of the Save Thirroul Village via Facebook, under the excellent leadership of Stephen Le Bas and Louise Wellington, has helped share the load. The result was exceptional. We work well together and we should aim to establish good working contacts with all Thirroul based community groups.

The TVC evolved into concentrating on graffiti, gardens and development issues. Still, its primary purpose is to act as an open public forum for residents concerned with the future of Thirroul.

Murray ended by saying ‘I don’t want to thank any one person in particular for their help because it would take too long and still, I would miss someone. Everyone contributes with what they can, even if it is only be being here today. Now my time as secretary is over. I can’t claim that Thirroul is a whole lot better, but I suspect it could have been worse. I have done what I could and it’s time for a new effort. Thanks for your support.’

4.   Treasurer’s Report

Spent $1,000 over the last 14 months. Most on website fees, printing for the Seaside and Arts Festival etc.

Need to increase our revenue. Need to work out how best to do this.


ACTION: If anyone has any suggestions as to how best increase revenue please contact Annette – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5.   Election of Office Bearers

All positions were rendered vacant and the returning officer, Tony Horneman called for nominations for the vacant positions. The following office bearers were elected unopposed as follows:

President – nominated Ray Smith

Nominated by – Elliot Stein; Seconded – Judy Bourke.

Vice President – nominated Elliot Stein

Nominated by – Ray Smith; Seconded – John Mebbersen

Secretary – Murray Jones stated he will not run for the position of Secretary, so this position is vacant.

Nominated Annette Jones

Nominated by – John Mebbersen; Seconded – Stephen Le Bas

Assistant Secretary – nominated Tony Horneman

Nominated by – Annette Jones; Seconded – Ray Smith

Treasurer – nominated John Mebberson

Nominated by – Barbara Mebbersen; Seconded – Ray Smith

Public Relations Officer – nominated Stephen La Bas

Nominated by – Annette Jones; Seconded – John Mebbersen

Officer bearers returned to their seats after thanking Tony for his assistance.

New President appointed convenors for the sub committees:

Garden Committee – Convenor – Christine Hill

Graffiti Control Committee - Convenor - Tony Horneman

Social Media Manager – Annette Jones (with assistance from Stephen Le Bas)

Heritage Officer – position vacant – President to speak to Martin Gorrick

7.   Close AGM – 4:30pm

General Meeting – commenced 4:30pm

1.   Welcome by President

2.   Minutes of the last meeting on 23 April 2023

Accepted: John Mebbersen; Seconded: Mary Ellen Durrance

Sub-committee reports:

3.   Garden report

The water to WF Jackson Park has unfortunately been turned off. It appears it has been turned off somewhere near the Church. It would be good to have access to water, especially if it is going to be a hot season. Cr Richard Martin has agreed to contact Council about this in the hope of having it restored.

Grannies Garden, at the corner of LHD and Railway Parade is in need of attention. Chris has tried to restore it but needs Council to pick up and dispose of some of the large fronds and weeds. In addition, the gardens near Gibson Park need attention.

Thanks were extended to Council in relation to the work done at the Playground near Thirroul Beach.

ACTION: Cr Martin has sent an email to Council about the tap at Jackson Park and the state of Grannies Garden requesting a response.

4.   Graffiti report

Since the last report 24/04/23, graffiti attacks continue in all the usual places around Thirroul and Thomas Gibson Park. 15 Thirroul reports recorded on the council register. Wollongong recorded 1,348 graffiti attacks to March 2023, an increase of 25 from previous year. If residents see graffiti, please report it to council (details below). Or remove the graffiti with Graffiti Remover spray available from Bunnings. Thanks to TVC members who continue to volunteer to clean or overpaint the graffiti (e.g. John and Peter).

ACTION: Report graffiti crime to:

a. WCC via phone on (02) 4227 7111, to request graffiti removal and record the incident. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or send WCC a message via the WCC Facebook page.

You can also submit graffiti reports via Council’s website

b. The Police on 131 444 to report graffiti attacks

State Legislation required Council to maintain a Graffiti Removal Register. See graffiti register Anti-Graffiti policy and laws are detailed in Wollongong Council Graffiti Management Policy adopted July 2021 and NSW Graffiti Control Act 2008.

5.   DA report

No controversial DAs listed with Council over the last 3 months for Thirroul.

McCauley Lodge and Tasman Court redevelopment: 2-3 stories on the two sites, 38 serviced apartments as Seniors Independent Living Units, mostly 2-3 bedroom. Still waiting on a decision about the DAs. Send an email requesting an update to Council.

Lot 101 Amy Street – Modification lodged with Council relating to driveway access to the sites behind Panmills Drive, in McCauley Estate. The developer and their engineer have been in discussions with the neighbour bordering the driveway. As a result, a modification to the height of fill has been lodged with Council to avoid adverse impact on the neighbour. From reports all parties are happy. No news as yet as to when construction on the site will take place. The TVC has been advised that an alternative detour route will be communicated to the public during the relocation phase of Wilkies Walk.

Thirroul Plaza – No response back from the developers after Murray’s initial contact around 2 months ago. In part this could be due to the number of partners involved in the DA. Discussed the possibility of contacting the developers again. The meeting was reminded of Murray’s previous suggestion to think of Plaza as an opportunity.

Members expressed concern about the State Government’s planned fast tracking of development approvals and changes to height restrictions. Questions were raised as to potential impact changes would have on DA proposals such as the Plaza.

ACTION: Annette to follow up with Council on where McCauley Lodge is up to. Email sent to Council, no response as yet.

Consideration about recontacting the developers of the Plaza.

6.   Business on Notice:

  • Traffic changes in south Thirroul, and action taken by the TVC

Neighbours on LHD near where the lane changes were taking place contacted the TVC with serious concerns about the proposed changes. These involved safety concerns for people catching the bus and drivers travelling uphill towards Wrexham Road as well as residents’ safety upon exiting their properties. The TVC contacted Maryanne Stuart who then contacted the Minister for Roads, John Graham. He contacted Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and was able to put a halt to the works until consultation occurred. There was limited consultation via social media for a 2-week period. TfNSW stated that as a result of this consultation there was majority support for the changes, which have since proceeded. There are concerns that this change is just the start of others throughout Thirroul as this change to traffic flow is one of the options that were proposed, and resoundingly rejected by the community in 2021. Maryanne stated that if people hear of any proposed road changes to immediately contact her office as they will follow this up. Her office is contactable via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and via phone on 9548 0144. The TVC thanked Maryanne for her assistance in this matter.

There were discussions about concerns to do with traffic flows through Thirroul and note made of the bottle neck at the railway overpass. Members were informed that this bridge is an asset of the railways, which adds a complexity to any changes to the bridge and road. Further, the meeting was reminded of Murray’s advice that the scope of the traffic issues cover the base of Bulli Pass as well as Thirroul Village so solutions may need both rail and road State agencies engaged. Whatever happens it was acknowledged that the community needs to be involved. Neil Walker reminded the meeting of Council’s willingness to engage with the community and Department of Planning/TfNSW to create a safe, thriving regional centre in the village and beach environs.

Neil Walker indicated the previous Government has made a “commitment” to “safety and traffic improvements” in both Thirroul and Bulli. This triggered the previous consultation by TfNSW that appears slated to progress in Bulli but failed in Thirroul. TfNSW’s objectives in Thirroul disregarded Dept of Planning/TfNSW’s Movement and Place Policy commitments by imposing “Movement” metrics (maximum arterial lane capacity and travel speed) through Thirroul Village rather than treating Thirroul as a destination - using “Place” metrics.

Neil Walker reminded the meeting of the critical connection between the traffic issues and fast, prompt emergency services to Thirroul and the Northern Villages; as well as community concerns over forms of land use development that would exacerbate the emergency services risks, e.g. Tasman Pde.

Maryanne is to join a number of the TVC Executive and Save Thirroul Village members on 24th July for a drive around Thirroul to get a better feel for traffic issues and limitations, and to see potential secondary access routes to Thirroul. Stephen said he would contact the traffic expert Save Thirroul Village used during its campaign to discuss possible options.

Residents may have noticed a number of black boxes in multiple locations along the Princes Highway near Bulli. Maryanne was able to advise that TfNSW has just completed traffic counts as part of their planning work to inform any future studies in the area. TfNSW is finalising the detailed design for the Bulli traffic improvements project, which includes raised pedestrian crossings, additional parking on Railway Street and Station Street, street lighting design and place making. Maryanne hopes to receive a copy of this report once completed.

ACTION: Members to inform Maryanne’s office, or the TVC if hear or notice any traffic changes.

Stephen to contact Chris Millet.

TVC and STV members to take Maryanne around Thirroul to show her potential secondary access routes.

  • Response to the TVC submission about the Draft Infrastructure Delivery Program

Council sent a response back with comments on items listed for attention by the TVC. A copy of this report will be forwarded to members.

ACTION: Annette to forward a copy of Council’s response to members. Action completed.

  • Report on TVC's involvement in the Seaside and Arts Festival

The TVC had a stand at the annual Seaside and Arts Festival in June which attracted plenty of attention. Many wanted to know more about what the TVC is about and the history of Thirroul. It was agreed that new posters are needed for next year.

7.   Other business

8.   Close at 5:30pm.


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